Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sentence Types

Sentence Types
30 March  
Opener Sentence
As we walked past the windmill tall, white, strong  

As the walk was coming to the end, my legs were very  sore.
When I got up I was very  cold .
After the big walk we got to go for a river swim .
When it was bed time it was not easy to get to bed .
When the third night came there were clothes  everywhere.
Maddie talks ,Paige sleeps and Emma is listening to Maddie.
 Serial pattern
The confidence course was , fast , fun and creepy but I was happy
It was over.

The climbing wall was hard, fun, small and  slippery.  

The river was fast, fun and very very cold for me
Interrupter Sentence

The weta’s clinged on to the  rocks , damp and cold,  in the pitch black cave.

The rock climbing wall , smelly  and slippery  I can't hang on.   

Down in the river wet and cold sand flies surrounding me.

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