Monday, 15 December 2014

Zombie Chews

Dear Santa Christmas

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas. Hope you have a good christmas?I hope the elfs are good and not sick?  It is raining in Hawkes Bay is it snowing up at the north pole?:)

My nana comes down from Auckland and she is coming to watch my balla  show  and my sister is in it to you are so luck I am a elf in the show nelly all my family are coming to watch  me in it I have a mun part in it.:)

Can I have for Christmas a
  • Nerf
  • Bike
  • Make up
  • Dress
  • IPad
  • Ell and Olivia book
  • member on animal jam
  • meet Santa
  • my cousin
  • swimming stuff
  • paints
  • sleepover with holly
  • kinetic sand
  • earrings
  • :)  

from Emma Rendle:)